Sébastien Larroude (CA)

Sébastien Larroude is an international concept designer, author and art director with a comprehensive and diverse ability in creative direction. He originates from South of France where he studied Fine Art and Photography. Fascination for biodiversity, environment, and nature in general, are at the origin of his multiple creative passions. Sébastien started his career in a French architecture agency specializing in industrial architecture before moving to Canada where he has worked for 15 years in the entertainment industry, on movies and video games titles such as Myst IV Revelation, Assassin’s Creed, Deus Ex HR, Thief, Tron Legacy, X-men, Godzilla etc.

He co-founded Steambot Studios in 2006. A creative agency that provides visual content and develops intellectual properties. Sébastien continues to draw, paint and write with passion for international clients and personal exploration.

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